Wednesday, July 2, 2008

years of fun and entertainment , South Park remains the number 1 commedy on TV, DVD,CABLE..... All other tv shows and commedies put together could not replace the overwelming lafter and enjoyment that south park brought into our homes।The director and producer of this poppular tv series is living proof that Americans are not stupid. Southpark exposed all those reality issues that we seem too insecure to address. Politics, religion, racism,sexuality,sexism, all the things that we think but just not brave enough to say or do.

I was totally devastated when i heard last year that South Park was being sued. Appearantly, the Roman Catholic Church and a Human Rights Organisation had filed alligations of racism and religous scandal. This was after the episodes; "Red hot catholic लव" and the "N" word was aired. The episode; "red hot catholic लव"" featured the Pope and the body of religous leaders at thr roman catholic headquarters in rome,discussing sexual abuse.

The other episode; the "N" word featured the school teacher regretably using the 'N' word. He was cast out of the communty but the "N" word was used over 130 times in that 1 episode. Well, i knew from the begining that southpark had it coming but what supprised me is the fact that these episodes were ऐरेड.

If the "N" word was meant in a negative way then we all used to that in the real world. that is something i can forgive southpark for. As a black person, sticks and stones did'nt break us so why should i let words break me?

Anyways, im glad that southpark is finally back and strongly support them for bringing these ussues out of the closset in a way that we don't feel uncomfortable. It's just raw jokes. we gotta love em. Cartman,Kile,Kenny,stan,butters. you are always welcome in our homes !!

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